About Hayag

Hayag is an interactive live streaming service that provides instant access to live internet broadcast on any device without the need of installing additional Apps. By using only your internet browser, you can broadcast and interactively communicate with the people watching you instantly. Hayag is a bi-directional live streaming platform where you can talk to any of your viewers or participants directly.

Hayag makes it easy for everyone to start a live streaming broadcast channel in just one click by simply going to Hayag website. You can easily start your interactive online TV Channel, FM or Audio Stations, broadcast a CCTV live streaming from a webcam or IP cameras, broadcast interactive live gaming capture, host an online interactive virtual classroom for students and teachers, host inter office video conferencing, start an online live talk or discussion, or it can also be used as a simple one on one video call service.

Hayag can work even on low bandwidth internet connection that makes live streaming possible in remote areas using only mobile internet. You can stream interactive webcast at extremely low bandwidth like 32kbps to 1Mbps. Depending on your needs, Hayag can also be configured to stream high quality broadcast and it is also flexible enough to suit in any live webcast needs. Hayag has built-in bandwidth saving features to minimize consumption on pro-rated data internet service.

Hayag is available on all platforms such as desktop, mobile devices, smart TVs, and other devices that use modern HTML5 browsers such as Chrome, Edge and Firefox.